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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is this really a legitimate work-at-home opportunity?
    Yes, Lifeline Virtual Ops, LLC is really a legitimate work-from-home opportunityvia partnerships with fortune 500 copmanies that offer you an array of certification courses to ensure that you are skilled and ready to represent the company that you have chosen to work with. There will be no envelope stuffing, stamp licking, parts assembly, cold calling positions posted on our platform! Lifeline Virtual Ops, invites you to change your work space trajectory and join the work-at-home movement!
  • How much can I earn working at home?
    The pay range is typically $9.00 - $16.00 per hour depending on the client you choose to certify and service. Our clients offer a wide and varied selection of available service hours. Of course, there's the regular 9-5 & 7/24/hrs with a minimum of only 15hr requirement per week, You create your own work schedule, so the amount of revenue you actually earn is really up to you!
  • How long before I can start servicing Arise clients?
    In as little as 1 week, you can begin servicing clients immediately upon completion of your client certification course. This is how it works. The registration, & admissions process can be done in minutes! You and I will discuss client availability, and I will answer any questions you may have in our online Meet-N-Greet session. Next you choose your client and enroll in their certification class. Usually there are several class times held during morning, afternoon & evening hours and the courses range from 1-6 weeks to complete.
  • Will I Get Paid During Certification?
    Yes, it is possible to earn income during certification. Depending on the client you choose, you could begin receiving payment in the Earn While You Learn Phase of the certification class. Follow the 4 easy steps to get started, and you will find all of the clients who allow you to "Get Your Feet Wet" and "Earn While You Learn".
  • Will Taxes Be Withheld From My Pay?
    No Federal, State, or local Taxes, will be with-held from your pay by Arise Virtual Solutions, or by Lifeline Virtual Solutions, because you are self employed as an independent contractor. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year, and as a self employed independent contractor, you will be responsible for payint applicable Federal, State or local taxes. Your work related tools and expenses are tax deductible, so make sure that you keep all of your receipts and consult your tax professional to ensure that you recieve all credit due for working from your home.
  • Can I Use My Cell Phone to Service Arise Clients?
    No, cell phones are not allowed for servicing. A clear connection and quiet background is required to represent the best business and professional work environment for our clients. A ( POTS) plain old telephone service with no add on features, like call waiting/call forwearding,voicemailor answering services, faxes, ect. is required. This should be your dedicated telephone number/telephone line to receive Arise/Client incoming calls. Several of our clients allow servicing with the use of VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone lines.
  • Can I use my laptop to service Arise clients?
    Sure. It's okay to use your laptop to service your Arise client as long as your laptop meets the minimum computer system requirements. Just click the hand-dandy PC check on the Arise Portal and you will know right away if your system meets requirements for your client. Over All No Wireless Components Are Allowed; Laptop, Mouse, Keyboard, etc! To start servicing your client with your laptop, you must ensure that the laptop is hard-wired with an ethernet cable to a secure safe internet connection.
  • I am ready now! What is the next step?
    Step 1: Create your Profile account here with Lifeline Virtual Ops, LLC: During this process you will be asked if you were referred to by someone. This is where you will enter our CSP ID: 887615 Step 2: Choose Lifeline Virutal Ops, LLC as your IBO. Enter our IBID number 56273 into the search box. Click the little magnifying glass next to the search box, then click submit. Step 3: Text 678-439-5677 or call me 470-531-0906 and I will complete your access approval to the portal showing all the positions listed by companies thar value work-from-home professionals. I will also schedule your online Meet N Greet and assist with your client selection process. Once you successfully complete the client certification course you are ready to service & earn money form your own ome office!
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